Koło Naukowe “EU Club”

Students Center for European Union Research „EU Club”

Students Center for European Union Research (SCEUR) is a platform for collaborative research in the field of European Union studies with emphasises on interdisciplinary approach (history, economics, political sciences and law). Members will also analyse and explore core concerns of the EU and will examine the current state of affairs within the European Union.

SCEUR is collaborating with Europe Direct Information Center in Rzeszów.

SCEUR is open to UITM students who are interested in functioning of EU and are willing to volunteer their time although number of memberships is strictly limited.



Sylwia K. Mazur

E-mail: smazur@wsiz.rzeszow.pl

Phone: +48 17 866 1102


Alicja Kołodziejczyk

E-mail: w58163@student.wsiz.rzeszow.pl

Koło Naukowe “EU Club”

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